After the RCN (Reading Christian Network) meeting  I was wondering what to do next. My plans to meet somebody had fallen through due to their availability and was deciding whether to got shopping first for cat food/litter or to go to a cafe and get out my laptop.

I prayed and felt that I had to gatecrash the meeting of a friend, Tim. I went over to him and asked him what he was doing this morning. Tim invited me to join him and Nusrat for a meeting with 10 days.

We left and went to Lifespring church to their coffee shop to have the meeting.

We set ourselves down at a table and Tim got a phone call. The phone call went on and on and Nusrat and I got talking to a couple of ladies on the next table.

One for the ladies was looking uncomfortable in her seating and I asked her if she was OK?

She said she suffers from MS, said she was in a lot of pain in her knees and back pain and numbness in her legs. I offered to pray for her and I prayed asking God for a new spine and for the pain to leave her and feeling restored.

The pain left her back. I then prayed for her knees rebuking the MS and commanding it to leave her. She said that there was some improvement.

God prompted me to make her walk. She come in a wheelchair barely unable to walk a few feet. She stood up in faith and started to walk around the cafe area. As she walk the pain left her knees. After another round of prayer feeling came back into her legs.

Nusrat then asked me to pray for her knee and ankle pain in right leg. I prayed asked her to walk and as she walked the pain left her. We returned to the table to chat.

Whilst we talked I felt my right wrist feeling odd. I asked is there anyone there with a wrist problem in the right arm. A lady who had just joined us did she had a problem with her wrist. I prayed asking for a new wrist and God healed her. She mentioned her headache was it behind the temples behind the eyes. She says yes as she had and issue with her eyesight and had a lot of pain in the back of her eyes. I prayed for her eyes asking God to remind the astigmatism and give her new eyes. Immediately the pain left her eyes. She says she would confirm later her vision.