During the prayer meeting a man came up and asked me for prayer for his shoulder ache and biceps pain that had returned. After a short prayer God removed the pain and the ache.

I then responded to a gentleman who had indicated that he wanted prayer. I prayed for his lower back initially placing my hand on his back where I felt that the problem was but after a few seconds felt I had to place my hands in my pockets. So I continued to pray with him with my hands in my pockets. He mentioned that he could feel something happening just where my hands were. I told him to open his eyes and look as I had my hands in my pockets and not on his back. He was amazed that he was feeling the physical hands of God on his back. When I stopped praying all pain was gone.

Another lady also responded to a word of knowledge about trapezium muscle problem. After prayer the muscle was loose and had lengthened and the pain had left. I told her she had a problem at the top of the neck and that when she moved her head it didn’t quite feel right. I prayed asking God for a new neck and her neck was healed.