In response to a particularly bad week I decided to take revenge on Satan’s kingdom. I went to the Reading Turning looking to expand Jesus’ kingdom. After a time of worship we hit the town centre in pairs. I had Nikki with me as we walked into town.

As we reached Broad street we stopped to pray for guidance. Instantly we felt drawn to a lady who was giving out samples for a local shop. We walked over and started to chat with her. We told her that God loved her and asked her if she thought she knew for certain that she would go to heaven when she died. She said probably not. I then proceeded to tell her the gospel and then Nikki said a prayer of blessing over the lady who then said a prayer asking Jesus to be her Lord and saviour.

We then continued to Forbury gardens where I felt we should be going where we met a young couple originally from Hyderabad in India who were there with their young boy. We chatted with them about Jesus telling them the gospel and led both of them to Jesus. We also had several other good conversations with a wide variety of people including a Muslim couple.

We led a fourth person to Jesus on the return journey when despite being a little late getting back for the testimonies, we were prompted to talk to another person and lead her to Jesus.

After the Reading Turning we went out again looking for more people to tell the good news of Jesus to. As we walked past Broad Street Mall I sensed I was to talk to a lady in her twenties that I walked past. I turned around and spoke to the lady and led her to Jesus. Meanwhile Nikki continued and spoke to another young lady who although she attended a local church had not invited Jesus as her Lord and saviour. Nikki led her through the scriptures and the salvation prayer.

Whilst in Forbury gardens we met a Japanese man who although he was in a rush waited whilst we led him to Jesus.

After a number of other good conversations we met some more teenagers as we were leaving the park. They listened with interest and despite one boy being clear on not wanting to go any further, which also put off one of the two girls, the third girl was very keen to invite Jesus to be her saviour.

On the way back we met four late teenage boys outside KFC and started a conversation with them. One by one the boys left laughing but the last lad was really interested and he responded to the offer of salvation when we talked about what Jesus had done for him.

In just over two and a half hours we had led nine to a relationship with Jesus.