Once again the churches in Reading had organised a joint Worship, Healing & Evangelism programme inviting Jonathan Conrathe and his team from Mission 24.

The event was organised by the leaders of The Well, All Nations and St Agnes/St Pauls/St Barnabas churches in Central Reading & Whitley. I’d heard of it through a friend who is one of the pastors at All Nations. Knowing me, he mentioned that only members of those churches could get involved on the team.

I decided to go along in the evenings and just enjoy time with God. Then I heard God telling me to get involved despite what my friend had told me. I found myself just happening to mention my intention to another friend of mine and he told me to just mention his name.

I wrote an email to each of the three leaders ─ two of whom I know personally and one who I hadn’t met. I immediately got three emails back repeating the same story … only those who are part of the three churches are allowed on the team. I decided to leave it in God’s hands after all he had told me to get involved ─ so I figured he will have to open the doors. Less than three hours later I got another three emails back, one from each church leader, inviting me to join the teams.

We had a wonderful time doing outreach during the day after spending some time together in the morning and topping it off with a evening of worship and the gospel message and healings.

Each night saw more numbers coming and more people responding to the gospel message. Starting off around a dozen responding to more than double that at the end of the week. Each evening we saw healings.