I had been meeting up with Tim Doolan regarding 10 Days Of Prayer to talk with somebody over worship for the event. We met in Reading College where he is a presenter on their community radio station.

Towards the end of the meeting another presenter came over having just finished his slot. The elderly gentleman just sat down with the person we were meeting and started talking not realising that we were in a meeting. I was puzzled what was going on and started to ask God.

A lady who was with us in the meeting saw the man keep touching and rubbing his wrist and she asked him what was wrong with his wrist. He told her that he had an infection in his wrist that caused him quite a lot of pain and discomfort. The lady immediately jumped in telling him that I had a healing ministry.

I looked at her trying to imply that she be quiet for a while. I wasn’t trying to get out of praying but I knew that this was something more than just the wrist. Again when the man rubbed his wrist she mentioned my ministry … and again I looked at her having not heard yet from God about the situation.

Finally, on the third time she mentioned my healing ministry the man said he was always up for prayer and the lady said go on then. I got up and slowly walked around to him (still praying) and started to slowly pray out loud for him. Then God told me the real reason for him interrupting.

I finished off the prayer for his hand and the pain which he had had for weeks had gone. I then told him that he had arthritis in his hands and that his fingers ached even without moving. After a short prayer his arthritis left him. I then told him that he had a breathing problem and that he felt a wheezy tickle with each breath. I prayed asking for new lungs and his breathing was returned to normal.

Finally I told him that God was seeking him. He’d been seeking him all his life and that although the man had gone to church sometimes regularly sometimes occasionally he didn’t have that personal relationship with God because he had never asked God into his life as his Lord and Saviour. I asked him did he want to do that right now.

He said yes and we led him through a prayer of salvation. The gentleman was 80 ─ it is never too late.