My deliverance ministry had a gradual start. Dealing with issues as I came across them.

At the beginning of the year I got approval from Reading Family Church to hold sessions in their offices initially with my pastor Scott assisting. At the time I was dealing with one client at a time with typically 1 or 2 on my waiting list.

At the beginning of May that waiting list had grown and I had sense that God wanted to expand the ministry but that the ministry was limited by my minister’s time availability and availability of locations.

After a period of reflection, I started to pray asking the Father how/if he wanted to expand the ministry and if he wanted to expand the ministry that I would need His help and direction for resources.

A few days later I had another enquiry about deliverance. Then another two and another. Over the next ten days I had 11 offers of assistance including two who had potential access to rooms where we could hold the meetings. I then spoke to my pastor who also gave me freedom to use our church offices when not in use.

Now I have the joy of working through my waiting list to offer meetings. Thank you God !!!