Ian Stanley is a member in good standing of Reading Family Church and has a Healing, Deliverance and Exorcism ministry recognized by several churches in the UK and abroad.

Evangelism Training with The Turning

Ian is part of The Turning and travels around the UK as part of The Turning’s training team training Christian’s how to share their faith in everyday life.

Healing Ministry

He has a Healing ministry which has been recognized by several of the churches in Reading, and a growing number of churches around the UK (including Birmingham, a number of churches in Liverpool and Oxfordshire) and the USA.

He is also involved in Healing On The Streets (HOTS) and can regularly be seen on the streets of Reading, Newbury and other places with HOTS teams.

Deliverance & Exorcism Ministry

Ian also has a deliverance and Exorcism ministry available to those on request.

Supporting Me

I always appreciate other Christians praying for me.

You can find out how to support me in prayer and/or financially here.